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Create a boost with your unique ideas using out CGI 360 Service

360-degree views allow the user to either tilt and pan their mobile device, or click and drag their mouse on a computer to achieve a full 360 view of the displayed space. These views can be in the form of a still panorama, or even transformed into a complete video experience (see details below).

360 views create a particularly powerful experience, as they put total control in the user’s hands and allow them to not just see the space, but to ‘feel’ it as if they were there in person. With major platforms such as YouTube and Facebook including 360 integration features, brands are able to dramatically increase their marketing efforts and bring these functionalities to the palms of their clients’ hands.

Current advancements in computer hardware and 3D rendering technologies mean that 3D visualisation has evolved to the next level. Such services have helped our customers bring their designs and products to life. Visual WORX is constantly exploring and developing new technologies to ensure that we are pushing the boundaries of computer generated photorealism.

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Using Visual WORX

What is your lead time / turnaround?

Usually, we deliver a 3d rendering image within 14 days including gathering all the materials and guidelines from the client. Actual delivery times could change, as they depend on how complex your project is.

After receiving the image, you have 3 changes / revision rounds, which usually take us around 1-2 days to implement (sometimes even less).

How much does a 3D rendering image cost?

Our prices vary based on the specific project that needs to be rendered. An image of product starts at £250 and an image of a room starts at £350. You can request a price quote, and we’ll provide you with a price estimate or an exact quote shortly.

How many changes can I make?

Our prices include up to 3 rounds of changes / revisions.

What are my options to visualize my plans.

Our most common service is to create a 3d, photo-realistic image of your plans. However, creating a walk-through video is another common option. For visualizing architectural plans, we also provide the option to create a virtual tour – in which you or your clients can move from different points in the plan and view them in 360.

Visual WORX provides the most time and cost effective solutions for architects, planners, property developers and real estate agents to communicate and market their projects.

A key benefit of using 3d rendering services is the ability to market the development long before the project is completed. Utilising visualisation the impossible can be made possible. Renders allow people to clearly understand the creative vision, making 3d visualisation the perfect solution for securing a win at your next pitch or competition.

3d architectural sisualization is an excellent way to take key stakeholders or potential investors on a preview of a building before construction has begun.

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